Our servicesservices

Guedes Pinto provides comprehensive services in Corporate Real Estate.


Guedes Pinto analyzes projects, land, buildings, of a commercial, residential or service nature, industrial units, investment intentions and analysis of its clients' real estate assets, informing them about the different options available to them when purchasing , sale or lease. Represents clients in the search for spaces to develop and enhance their activities, as well as managing and implementing measures to improve the operational, financial and fiscal performance of their clients.

Market Analysis

Decision-making in the field of real estate investments nowadays requires in-depth knowledge of the market.

Market studies have thus become key elements in the field of decision-making, as they bring together the necessary information so that the various scenarios can be evaluated on a sound basis.

The studies allow for a reduction in the degree of investment risk, controlling, in the planning phase, where costs are minimal, the viability of the projects.

Asset Management

Guedes Pinto provides personalized advice, guiding its clients in the most profitable direction for their business. The strategic approach is supported by the creation and execution of a structured management plan, with the ultimate objective of maximizing the value of its clients' properties.

Integrated Project Management

General coordination of architectural projects and specialties, coordination of management and supervision of the work, representation and advice for the owner on all matters: legal area, licensing, commercial planning, contracting, sales, etc.


Guedes Pinto operates in the Real Estate Promotion market in general, namely in land or other real estate assets intended for real estate promotion and sales.


Guedes Pinto operates in Real Estate Promotion and Income Real Estate, aimed at Institutional Investors, national and international (Real Estate Investment Funds or Pension Funds) and Private Investors, in search of real estate assets that produce income or with the potential for this purpose .


We work in Commercial Real Estate (Shopping Centers, Retail Parks, Outlet Centers, Large Supermarkets, Redevelopment of Traditional Markets) to sell these assets, having in-depth knowledge of retail operators in the national market. In current retail, Guedes Pinto operates in directed demand, made to order (purchase mediation).


Commercialization of spaces for Services (Office Parks, Business Centers, offices, clinics, hotels, etc.), according to the same operating principles.

Industry and Logistics

Commercialization for leasing and selling warehouses and industrial parks. The commercialization of land for industry is also within its scope.